Steering Committee

Discovery Farms is governed by a Steering Committee. The committee, chaired by a farmer, includes representatives from Wisconsin farm, agribusiness, and environmental organizations. Most of the Steering Committee members are farmers. In addition, there is a group of non-voting advisors representing various public agencies and the University system. The Discovery Farms Steering Committee has four main duties:

  • Provide oversight, direction, and guidance to Discovery Farms

  • Assist in identifying topics and project possibilities, including project and cooperator selection

  • Provide regional assistance to Discovery Farms cooperators

  • Help share Discovery Farms information to the membership of many statewide and local organizations

Duties of the Steering Committee do not stop at the board meeting door. Farmer leadership is a crucial component of Discovery Farms and the Steering Committee, as well as farmer cooperators, are encouraged to stay involved year-round.

Steering Committee Members

Rick Adamski

Credentials: Farmer

Position title: Wisconsin Farmers Union

Phone: Seymour

Eric Allness

Credentials: Assistant State Conservationist- Partnerships

Position title: Natural Resources Conservation Service

Phone: Madison

Christina Anderson

Credentials: Water Protection Program Manager

Position title: WI Land + Water

Phone: Madison

Joe Bragger

Credentials: Farmer

Position title: Wisconsin Soybean Growers

Phone: Independence

Tom Bressner

Credentials: Agribusiness

Position title: Wisconsin Agri-Business Association

Phone: Madison

Andy Dierks

Credentials: Farmer

Position title: WI Potato & Vegetable Growers Association

Phone: Coloma

Steve Duwe

Credentials: Farmer

Position title: Wisconsin Corn Growers Association

Phone: Lake Mills

Bill Gnatzig

Credentials: Farmer

Position title: Wisconsin Pork Association

Phone: Roberts

Ken Hafstad

Credentials: Agribusiness

Position title: Wisconsin Poultry and Egg Association

Phone: Barron

Corey Hodorff

Credentials: Farmer

Position title: Professional Dairy Producers of Wisconsin

Phone: Eden

Peter Kimball

Credentials: Farmer

Position title: Wisconsin Farm Bureau

Phone: Baldwin

Matt Krueger

Credentials: Executive Director

Position title: WI Land + Water

Phone: Madison

Scott Laeser

Credentials: Farmer/Water Quality Specialist

Position title: Clean Wisconsin

Phone: Madison

Tom Novak

Credentials: Farmer, Crop Consultant

Position title: Wisconsin Association of Professional Ag. Consultants

Phone: Sullivan

Erin O'Brien

Credentials: Policy Programs Director

Position title: Wisconsin Wetlands Association

Phone: Madison

Ben Peterson

Credentials: Farmer

Position title: Dairy Business Association

Phone: Grantsburg

Terry Quam

Credentials: Chairman, Farmer

Position title: Wisconsin's Cattlemen's Association

Phone: Lodi

Don Radke

Credentials: Farm Operations Manager

Position title: Northcentral Technical College

Phone: Wausau

Tim Ransom

Credentials: Custom Applicator

Position title: Professional Nutrient Applicators of Wisconsin

Phone: Darien

Rachel Rushmann

Credentials: Nutrient Management Coordinator

Position title: Department of Agriculture Trade and Consumer Protection

Phone: Eau Claire

Dan Smith

Credentials: Cooperative Liaison

Position title: Cooperative Network

Phone: Madison

Brian Weigel

Credentials: Bureau Director

Position title: Department of Natural Resources

Phone: Madison

Kay Zwald

Credentials: Vice Chairman, Farmer

Position title: Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin

Phone: Hammond