Resources for “Nutrients”

  • A handful of soil.

    Positive associations of soil organic matter and crop yields across a regional network of working farms

    The amount of soil organic matter (SOM) is considered a key indicator of soil properties associated with higher fertility. We quantified the relationship between SOM and yields of corn (Zea mays L.) and silage for a dataset of 170 fields arrayed across 49 farms in a network of growers based in Wisconsin and Minnesota. Click here to read. 

  • Spreading manure

    Controlling nutrient loss

    4 tips for controlling soil and nutrient loss. A link

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  • Conservation benefits of a grade stabilization structure

    A grade stabilization structure (GSS) is an on-farm conservation tool that can effectively decrease the amount of sediment and nutrient runoff entering nearby streams.

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  • Precipitation-runoff relations and water quality characteristics at edge-of-field stations Discovery Farms and Pioneer Farms

    A cooperative study between the U.S. Geological Survey, the University of Wisconsin (UW)–Madison Discovery Farms program (Discovery Farms), and the UW–Platteville Pioneer Farm program (Pioneer Farm). Click here to read

  • Winter farm scene

    Nutrients and sediment in frozen ground runoff from no-till fields receiving liquid daiy and solid beef manures

    The data collected as part of this study add to the limited information on the quantity and quality of frozen-ground runoff at field edges, and the results highlight the importance of manure management decisions during frozen-ground periods to minimize nutrients lost in surface runoff.

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  • Wisconsin map showing Dry Run Watershed (western) and Jersey Valley Watershed (south-central).

    Edge-of-field water quality in two Wisconsin watersheds

    For seven years, UW Discovery Farms monitored water quality in the Jersey Valley and Dry Run watersheds. See results from the studies in this final report.

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  • A field of corn, early in the growing season.

    Statewide Nitrogen Use Efficiency benchmarking for corn grain and corn silage

    UW Discovery Farms began monitoring nitrogen Use Efficiency of corn grain and corn silage in Wisconsin beginning in 2015. This publication shares Wisconsin benchmarks established through the project.

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  • Controlling Nutrient Loss in Tile Systems

    Uses Discovery Farms data to examine the differences between surface runoff and tile flow and the factors that impact losses in tile systems.

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  • Image of a tile blowout.

    Managing Tile-Drained Land to Prevent Nutrient Loss

    Tile-drained agricultural land must be well-managed to reduce the loss of nutrients to surface waters. Nutrient management practices must be carefully followed to minimize the risk of nutrient loss and to maximize fertilizer use efficiency.

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